Project Realisation

Utilising VR and AR to create a truly unique Co-op game.



Games Design


Your task is to investigate what is happening on the cutting edge of your chosen technology. Who is doing what, how and why? What software/hardware is currently available and what are the strengths and weaknesses of competing products. What developments are just around the corner? How has technology changed your chosen area of research and the people who work within it? You are required to predict where your chosen technology may be going,


For this project I’m utilising Virtual and Augmented Reality technology, I’m applying this these principles within a game setting where the VR and AR player are pitted against one another. The aim is to create an engaging experience for both users but two experiences that are very different. One is made for much more experienced players, and the other is designed to be accessible to all possible users.

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The Problem?

VR gaming is still a very disconnected solo experience. This means it can be very antisocial. This can have a negative impact on parent/child relationships.

How am I solving this?

Many solutions focus on taking children away from games. Why not focus on how we can enable parents to get involved rather than deterring children.

Initial Idea

2 player game, with very different interactions.

On one side you have a VR player, experiencing a FPS style game. On the other side there's a top down strategy game.

User Research

It's clear parents are frustrated with gaming.

Especially in the last year with kids locked inside, parents' frustration with gaming has grown. I want to think about how we can change that mentality. Rather than detering children from gaming what can we do to get parents involved.

Key Features

I wanted to outline a couple key mechanics within the game.

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