Newcastle City Council

Net Zero 2030

The first end-to-end interior design experience.

UX Design




A group module where students get the opportunity to work together on a live brief. In this case we worked with Newcastle City Council to support the Net Zero 2030 plan. We had submit a project to help support the councils plan.


Our group focussed on the Metro system within Newcastle, rather than trying to develop a new product to support eco-friendly behaviour. We chose to focus on the enviromentally beneficial systems within Newcastle and how we could enhance them.

Metro Interactive Displays

The Problem?

Data visualisation is too broad, massive numbers can often be impressive, but feel impersonal.

Our Core Principle?

People are more likely to make something a habit if they can comprehend it’s impact.

Initial Idea

A day by day infographic to show the positive impact of the Metro.

We first thought about using data from everyone but focussing on the impact for that day. "X amount of cars off the road." things like that. But as the idea developed what started to think about data on a personal level and the type of interactions we could create.

User Research

With a massive user base we needed to design for everyone.

Primary Research

Nexus Data Collection Interview

We managed to arrange an interview with the Data Collection team at Nexus. In this we discussed our idea and gathered their thoughts on the project. We were really happy with the result of the interview and came away really confident to move forward.

Secondary Research

Enviromental Benchmarks & Trials

The team at Nexus shared with us a number of studies they'd conducted. This was incredibly beneficial and clearly outlined the impact of Metro and benefits of public transport to the environment.

Secondary Research

Metro Loyalty Trial

Nexus had also tested a concept extremely similar to our own. Here they tested passengers interaction with metro systems when they're provided data for their journey, as well as a gamified version. This is great for our project as it shows how our solution can increase Metro usage and in turn eco-friendly living.

The Final Idea

A interactive display, users login with their popcard and are given information about their journeys.

We want to show users information about their impact overtime. As they take more journeys on the metro they can see how their impact grows across a number of areas. Enhancing Pop cards and the Metro experience as a whole.

Visual Development


Visual Development

Building a new set of brand guidelines.

We wanted to build on the current Metro guidelines. We want our solution to blend write into the platform while still being visually engaging. We went with a vivid colour scheme and an isometric design style.

Visual Development

Our Final Designs

The product is split up into 3 sections; Enviromental, Congestion and Health. Users will be shown different facts each time they login. If no one logs in to the display it will show data for passengers that day.

Metro Interactive Displays